Marjolein van't Geloof retains rushes jersey Lotto Cycling Cup


Past Sunday at Trofee Maarten Wynants, Marjolein van’t Geloof successfully defended her first position in the rushes classification of the Lotto Cycling Cup!

During the Trofee Maarten Wynants, the third race of the Lotto Cycling Cup, there were three intermediate sprints. Marjolein van’t Geloof won two of those three rushes and got third one time. At the moment she leads the rushes classification by eleven points. Femke Geeris is second. Marjolein van’t Geloof also retains the QOM jersey, which she - just like the rushes jersey - conquered at the end of February at Omloop van het Hageland, the first race of the Lotto Cycling Cup. In Houthalen-Helchteren past Sunday there were no QOM points to gain. The race took place on a flat local circuit of ten kilometres, which the riders needed to cover twelve times. Marta Bastianelli won the bunch sprint, ahead of Monique van de Ree and Lorena Wiebes. Marjolein van’t Geloof sprinted to the sixth place. Demi de Jong got fifteenth.

Marjolein van’t Geloof: “There were three important rushes. My teammates did a fantastic job. Annelies Dom played an important role at the first rush, she did a perfect lead-out for me. I only had to pay attention to one rider and she positioned herself behind me and couldn’t pass me by anymore. At the second rush, first Annelies and then Valerie Demey raised the pace and I could take the maximum amount of points again. For the third rush, on the ninth lap, we had decided that I wouldn’t unnecessarily use energy with the bunch sprint in mind. Unfortunately Femke Geeris escaped the pack and we couldn’t catch her in time. That way she and I both picked up eleven points on Sunday, but I maintain the lead in the rushes classification.”

“It was obvious that a bunch sprint would almost be unavoidable on this flat and fast course. Teammates of mine attacked, but as expected they couldn’t remain ahead. Too many teams were interested in a bunch sprint. That sprint was quite hectic. There were a lot of turns and narrow roads. It was important to maintain a position on the front rows on the last laps. Annelies helped me to position for the final sprint. I missed someone in the last 500 metres, but because the road was so narrow it was very difficult to be at the front with several riders. I can only be satisfied with how my teammates led me to the front for the sprint. That way I could save some energy. Unfortunately I didn’t achieve a place on top three, but the others were fresher than me as I had sprinted at the rushes.”

Now that we have put so much energy in it, I really want to win the rushes jersey.

​​​​​​​Marjolein van't Geloof: “Now that we have put so much energy in it, I find it important to defend that rushes jersey in the following races of the Lotto Cycling Cup. I really want to win that classification. And that is definitely possible. When I am part of a breakaway I will certainly pick up the QOM points, the way I conquered that jersey at Hageland, but the rushes jersey is more compatible with my capabilities as a sprinter. Although, I did win the QOM classification last year.”


This Saturday Marjolein van’t Geloof will ride the 7-Dorpenomloop Aalburg, or Marianne Vos Classic, in the Netherlands.

Marjolein van’t Geloof: “I will be riding in Aalburg for the fifth time. I already raced there as a junior and afterwards three times as an elite rider. I know the course very well. We often ride over narrow asphalt roads and through different villages. The wind will be the most determining factor! It will depend on which direction the wind comes from, but there is almost always a place on the course with crosswinds where echelons can be created.”

“It’s up to us to ride at the front and to be attentive all the time. And to set up echelons when there’s an opportunity. We need it to be a hard an offensive race. We come to the start with a strong team and need to aim high. We can’t afford to miss a breakaway and we need to be in the front group with several riders when there are echelons. During the race we will decide whose card we’ll play.”


Line-up 7-Dorpenomloop: Alana Castrique, Valerie Demey, Annelies Dom, Chantal Hoffmann and Marjolein van’t Geloof .