Jelle Wallays hospitalised after stage 2 Vuelta a San Juan


Jelle Wallays crashed during the finale of the second stage of the Vuelta a San Juan in Argentina. Unfortunately, the rider has suffered a facial trauma. He lost one tooth and broke another one, he also has a cut in the upper lip and a fracture in the upper jaw. Due to a concussion, the rider spent the night in an Argentinean hospital for observation.

​​​​​​​Jelle Wallays had a relatively good night in the hospital and he did not suffer too much from the symptoms of the concussion. However, the fracture in the upper jaw and the lost and broken tooth will require further treatment. Jelle Wallays won’t be able to take in solid food for a couple of weeks. The coming days, the Belgian will recover but the inactivity period will probably remain limited.