Ewan, De Buyst and Kluge re-sign already. Two more years with Lotto Soudal.


On Lotto Soudal’s training camp in Mallorca, Caleb Ewan and two of his teammates, Jasper De Buyst and Roger Kluge, extended their contracts with the Belgian World Tour team until the end of 2022. The three riders still had an agreement with the team until end 2020.

“I already knew after probably the first few months in the team that it was a great fit for me and something that I wanted to continue on for in the future. That was before I even started doing well with the team”, says Caleb Ewan“The first few months of this year were going so well. The team had so much faith in me and I just knew that if we worked together well that the wins would start coming. I just felt so comfortable in the team that straight away from the first few months I knew that, if the opportunity came and the team wanted to keep me, that I’d be happy to extend for a longer period and that we could really work together and work towards the future.”

Australian Caleb Ewan (25) won 10 races last season, including two and three stages in Tour of Italy and Tour de France respectively.

“I am happy to see that Caleb loves his current environment,” adds General Manager John Lelangue. “Caleb likes the team and the vision of Lotto Soudal. These signings are good for the stability and continuity of the team. With Caleb we have one of the fastest guys of the peloton, maybe the fastest one. He is still young as well. With Roger and Jasper he will have, the coming three years, the two key riders of his sprinter’s train with him. Those three riders did Giro and Tour together. They will do the same in 2020.”

Belgian rider Jasper De Buyst (26) and reigning madison world champion Roger Kluge (33), from Germany, extended their contracts with the team as well, with two more years.

“I brought Roger with me obviously and I’ve gelled with Jasper really well in the team already. All of my big wins this year came with those two helping me. So, it’s super important for me to have them for future successes as well”, concluded Caleb Ewan.