Ladies Digitalum partners up with Lotto Soudal Ladies

With this partnership Digitalum wants to emphasize that the ICT world doesn’t have to be a predominantly male environment.
General 04 January 2021

Digitalum, a Belgian e-commerce specialist, becomes partner of the Lotto Soudal Ladies Team and their logo gets a place at the front of the shirt of the women. Digitalum had the specific intention to sponsor a women’s team. “With this partnership we want to emphasize that the ICT world doesn’t have to be a predominantly male environment.”

We went looking for a women’s sports team and we immediately felt a match with Lotto Soudal”, says Diederik Bots, CEO of Digitalum. “The ICT sector mainly is a men’s world and we hope that more and more women find the way to our sector. That’s why we intentionally chose to become partner of a women’s team.

John Lelangue, General Manager Lotto Soudal: “We are proud to welcome Digitalum as a new partner. We could immediately relate to each other’s philosophy and values. Digitalum guarantees a high-tech approach and with the Lotto Soudal Performance Department we also want to work with new technologies. We are especially very proud that Digitalum specifically invests in our Ladies Team. That perfectly fits the professionalization we are striving for. Women’s cycling is booming and it’s wonderful that not only our existing partners invest in women’s cycling, but that there are also new partners who want to write this story together with us.”

Clearing the head

The owners of Digitalum love to cycle too. Cycling as a sport and cycling in general are perfect for meeting new people and for exchanging ideas. That’s why they are member of the business network Voka Fietst (Voka Cycles). “But most of all it helps to clear the head”, says Diederik Bots. “It’s the diversion we all need, especially in times like these when it’s all the more important to think of one’s mental and physical health. Now and then we also try to organize a cycling activity among colleagues in the digital world (Zwift). At Digitalum we are all looking forward to next season to cheer on the entire Lotto Soudal team by the side of the road, when that’s possible again, and hopefully we see many victories from the Ladies.”

Diederik Bots founded Digitalum together with some partners in August 2018. The company offers expertise and solutions for e-commerce and online customer experiences. Immediately, you think of the standard web shops, but Digitalum focuses more on the online B2B portals and online customer experiences. Digitalum has large international players as well as local companies amongst its customers. They work together with Yamaha, Bose, Firestone, Atlas Copco and Jaga, among others.

Diederik Bots: “We help our clients to make the entire process of online transactions as efficient as possible. Therefore we mainly work with local talent, so without the apparently cheap but often inefficient offshore models. We now work with 30 people. Most of them are senior profiles with tons of experience in the matter, so we can immediately offer the right surplus value to our clients.

At the moment we have only one woman in our team, but that definitely is not because women are not welcome or because women could not offer a surplus value in a mainly technical company. On the contrary. And we want to emphasize that again with this partnership with the Lotto Soudal Ladies. We can perfectly relate to their winner’s mentality, combined with friendly professionals. It matches the ambition of Digitalum. Our company is expanding and I want to do another call to women in the ICT sector to take a look at our vacancies.”