Arianna Fidanza rides in the Lotto Soudal shirt next year


Next season Arianna Fidanza (24) will ride in a Lotto Soudal shirt. This Italian rider loves the spring races and therefore she has chosen to join Lotto Soudal. A few years ago she already started in a few Classics. She even got 21st in her début in the Amstel Gold Race in 2017.

Arianna Fidanza: “I have chosen for Lotto Soudal because in this team I find the experience to help me further develop as a rider. I will get the space to grow. I love the Flemish races, but the past two seasons I wasn’t able to participate in them with my current team. At Lotto Soudal I will get the chance to ride these again. And I am looking forward to getting to know new races as well. I won two UCI races so far as an elite and it would be a dream come true to claim a victory in the shirt of Lotto Soudal next year. It would also be wonderful to help a teammate take the win.”

“I am a sprinter who prefers sprints after a hard race. I’m good on smaller climbs and therefore I like the spring Classics. I have the ambition to become better in these races. I feel good on that type of courses because it requires a mix of power and stamina. In the beginning of my elite career I already got the chance to ride some of these races and I noticed they suited me. I’m looking forward to be standing at the start again. I not only love the Flemish spring races, but also the Amstel Gold Race and Drenthe for example. But of course I also love the races in my home country. I already finished three times on top ten of the Gran Premio Bruno Beghelli. I like this race very much. And then of course there’s the Giro Rosa. I do hope that the sprinters get more opportunities in the future editions. This year was a very hard Giro, but I got a nice tenth place on the final stage after all.”

"I have the ambition to become better in the spring Classics."

Many nice ambitions for this young rider, whose parents were both cyclists. So it’s no surprise that she started cycling as well.

Arianna Fidanza: “I started racing when I was six years old. My dad (Giovanni Fidanza, LTS) was a good sprinter. My mum (Nadia Baldi, LTS) was a cyclist too and my parents met in the national team. They both offer me advice and support. I live in Bergamo, in the north of Italy. It’s perfect to train over here with a variety of routes: mountains, small climbs and flat roads. You can find it all here in the area. But this winter I will head southwards because the weather conditions aren’t always optimal here this time of year.”

Photos: Photo News and Arianna Fidanza